Come and golf lah!

Be part of the most active and diverse golf community in Kuala Lumpur.

About Us

The Kuala Lumpur Golfers Club (KLGC) was informally set up in 2019 where a group of golfers in the Kuala Lumpur area wanted to play golf with a fair golf handicap system.

Today the club is made up of golfers from different playing abilities and experience, from newbies to single handicappers, serious to casual golfers. The golfers come from various countries, nationalities, industries, and interests.

The club plays almost daily at various golf courses around the greater KL area, with:

  • Weekly competitions on Sunday afternoon.
  • Daily casual games on weekday mornings, and Saturday afternoons.

Competitions include prizes and order of merit points for members.

Monthly medals are held on the last Sunday of every month.

Quarterly medals are held on the last Sunday of every quarter.

Formats of all games are stroke play (max score of 10 per hole) and using the Deemples golf handicap only.


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