14 June 2020 – KLGC vs XPats GC

This game we did something special. Peter Dabrowski, one of our KLGC members, and also a member at XPats Golfers Club, proposed a team match-play competition. The Xpats GC plays 2 Sundays a month and KLGC plays every Sunday afternoon. So on the 14th of June, since both groups were playing, the suggestion of a team competition came up and everyone was super excited about it.


It was held at a KLGC scheduled game at Seri Selangor Golf Club. The competition had a few categories:

  • team match-play best ball format, where 6 teams of 2 from KLGC played against another 6 teams of 2 from Xpats.
  • individual low net 1st and 2nd place for the matchplay players.
  • individual low gross 1st and 2nd place for the matchplay players.
  • regular KLGC stroke play game for KLGC members
  • 4x NTP for EVERYONE!

We had a total of 32 players sign up (more would have, if the golf course didn’t limit us to just 8 flights total), 12 from Xpats for the match play vs 12 from KLGC, and another 8 more KLGC members and guests that just played for categories 4 and 5.


The match play was the highlight of the day, where the anticipation grew as the groups returned. 1st group finished off tied, 2nd also tied, 3rd group gave us a win, then 4th group came back with a loss, 5th came back with another tie, and finally, the 6th group came back and gave us the final win that sealed the deal!

It was a super close match for everyone and congratulations to the KLGC for fighting hard to win!


KLGC Crew!😀

Not least is the weekly KLGC stroke play. This week is very excited to have new faces that are taking the top few spots, instead of the usual suspects (you know who you are).🙂

Coming in 4th for an RM100 OFF voucher for a Deemples personalised shirt, Zamry Nordin played a net 74! Zack Rosli and KM Leong came in 3rd and 2nd place respectively, both played net 73, however, KM had a better back 9, hence secured the 2nd place.

And taking the win this week is GARY KAN, playing a solid net 72! CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!!! Seri Selangor proves to be a challenging course again where no one made it sub 70 this time around.

Results of the KLGC game at Seri Selangor Golf Club 14 June 2020 – Deemples Scoring System

Special thanks to Peter Dabrowski for sponsoring the amazing and classy prizes for the match play. The team trophy belongs to all of us, so good job to everyone who played and contributed!😀

We look forward to more of these special team vs team days where we can continue to make golf fun, exciting, and competitive with other teams. Next team challenge perhaps everyone would be able to use the Deemples handicap.

This week we’re at Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club. We’re already full, but watch out for those who drop out. Glenmarie Golf & Country Club is the following week with our monthly medal which is also already full, hopefully, we can get more slots for these games!

See you all this Sunday!

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