15 March 2020 – Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia

KLGC members enjoyed another fun game at Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia yesterday. Weather was scorching hot in the beginning, hence it helped to get some beautiful pictures. Short thunder sessions put a 1-hour halt to the game but didn’t stop us all from finishing.

23 people signed up and 22 played. Razman Zaki couldn’t play because of the last moment family issue. We had 16 members playing, and 6 guests. Deemples made it easier for registration, payments, handicapping, score submissions and results!

The game didn’t start on time at 12.30 pm, but Jessie Pan was the host and got things moving with the golf course as fast as she could. So thank you Jessie for hosting, herding everything, and ensuring everyone had a good time!!

adidas GolfDeemples-CLV, and nanoSTIX came in as sponsors for the game again, and ensured awesome prizes for the winners! It was 10 prizes vs 16 members.

Looked like a super tough course based on the results. But glad everyone pushed through to finish even though some sub-par scores! But Rahman Putra has always been known to be tough.

Congrats to Zack Rosli for taking the win at net 71! Rid Afzal took the 2nd place at net 72. CM Chai and Hanis Hasanuddin in 3rd and 4th place respectively at net 74 and 75.

As we had issues to arrange the tee time yesterday let’s do our part to help with arrangements, we can do this by making payment early, so as a group we can confirm the number of participants early with the club, and they can secure our tee times.

Next week we’re playing at Kota Permai Golf & Country ClubSo sign up for the game now. NanoSTIX is coming in for prizes again. See you all this Sunday!

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