17 May 2020 – Monterez Golf & Country Club

Conditions at Monterez Golf & Country Club wasn’t the best but amazed at how our members conquered greens that were not greens, fairways that were roughs, and roughs that were jungles. All played on the same golf course so fair and level playing field.

18 people signed up for yesterday’s game! We had 13 members playing, and 5 guests. Deemples made it easier for registration, payments, handicapping, score submissions, and results!

Congrats to Peter Dabrowski for a stellar net 66, one stroke ahead of Nelson Lee Jieyao at net 67 with a gross 77! Tan Terence came in with 2 strokes more with net 69, and Michael T Leh some how got lucky to get prizes in 4th place with net 75! Either way solid effort everyone!

Thank you to host Kevin Joseph Dorasamy for making sure no one touched each other, got their games going well, and gave out prizes in the end. Happy birthday and Happy May 17 Constitution Day again to Svein Espen Sørstad!


Next week we’re at Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club 1 buggy and 0.5 caddy per person. We already have 10 participating. Join in soon, before slots run out, since they’re always full!

See you all this Sunday!

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