19 Jan 2020 – Danau Golf Club

This week’s KLGC  game was at Danau Golf Club. We had 11 participants. We used the Deemples golf app to make our registration life easier where KLGC members registered, paid, handicaps, submitted scores and results were all via the Deemples golf app.

Results for the game are all based on submissions via the Deemples app. Golfers just had to make sure adjusted gross scores, course rating, slope rating, and hole by hole inputs for gross scores were submitted. The Deemples app would then automatically calculate the results sorted by low net and displayed for everyone in the game.

The results:

Congratulations to Radhi Sulaiman for playing a solid net 74 of a 20-course handicap from the blues. His handicap index after the game is 16.8! Congratulations to James Lin as well for holding the 2nd position.

However, the prizes and points are for only the top 2 KLGC members that’s why congrats to James Lin and CM Chai for winning the prizes from adidas Golf and Deemples-CLV merchandise. If you want to win awesome prizes every week become a KLGC member, it’s easy!

You can see the Order of Merit here.

The next game will be at Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia on Sunday at 12:30pm. That will be the KLGC Monthly Medal, you should not miss it! To participate in this game, click here.

To see the full KLGC 2020 schedule, click here.

Not a KLGC member? Read about why you should join here.

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