19 July 2020 – Kota Seriemas GCC

Another week here at Kota Seriemas GCC. The team there is superb now at being the venue for our weekly games. The weather was supposed to rain today, but held up pretty well. Everyone got back in and scores were all done by 6:30 pm.

Buddies Michael Leh and Anthony Lok topped the charts today with a net 73! (surprising no one made it net under par this time🙂) Congrats to Michael Leh for winning today!! Anthony – not too shabby too!

Zamry and Zack continuing to power through, raking in as many order of merit points as they can. The current order of merit pool stands at RM3500 now. 🙂

Rare joiner, but good to see you this game KT Tan came in at 5th, and resident low handicapper Nelson Lee came in at 6th!!

The rest of the results here:

Results of the KLGC game at Kota Seriemas GCC – 19 July 2020 – Deemples Scoring System

Congrats to all the winners. Special thanks to CM Chai for ensuring a smooth game today.

We had a few guests today. Jason Kok who we’ve seen have a crazy 310m drive (or so we’ve heard, only people in his flight can verify), Ayu Kimo (who played 18 holes in the morning before playing the KLGC game!), and Iqhbal (who I can see will be a member soon!)

This week our monthly medal will be at Kelab Golf Uniputra, already 36 signed up so 4 more slots to go. Do join make payment via Deemples soon, so we can send flight draws to the club!

You can see the latest Order of Merit here.

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