7 June 2020 – Kinrara Golf Club

After a disappointing May 2020 Monthly Medal (that never happened, twice), 24 golfers were rearing to go again at Kinrara Golf Club last Sunday. Unfortunate, last-minute injuries from Stuart Bennett and Michael Leh allowed 2 guests to fill in.

Social distancing was still in play, and this was the last game before interstate travel was going to open again. So no prize presentation, just golf, and home, and prizes to be presented later.

Weather was amazing and 24 golfers were all on time for a 12:30 pm tee off. Terence Tan from the first flight got off to an amazing round and won the game with a solid 67.

2nd place Azlan Wahab – KLGC – Kinrara Golf Club – 7 June 2020

Coming in also at a net 67, Azlan Wahab, coming in strong after a long hiatus from Ramadan and Eid celebrations.

3rd place, Svein, net 69, who will be returning to Norway 1 July. So we hope he gets a chance to win once before he leaves!

4th place – Nelson, also net 69, but with an amazing gross score of 79!!

Results here:

Results of the KLGC game at Kinrara Golf Club 7 June 2020 – Deemples Scoring System

Congrats to everyone that won, and played yesterday. Tie breakers are using the USGA stroke play tiebreaking method, where if there’s a tie, the net score for the last 9 holes are used. If there’s still a tie, then net score for last 6 holes, then 3 holes, then 1 hole is used.

We see some new players joining us too – Felix, Ryan, Aaron, and Muzzaffar. Hope you guys join as members soon!

This coming Sunday 14 June 2020 is a special edition of KLGC vs XPATS. The usual KLGC competition will still play for small prizes and order of merit points. But 12 KLGC players will be doing a team match-play with XPATS, including some additional prizes for individual gross/net scores too. Prizes for the match play and individual gross/net score for the match-play players are sponsored by Peter Dabrowski.

The game is already full now, so looking forward to an exciting Sunday ahead. To participate in all future KLGC games, just search “KLGC” on Deemples!

See you all this Sunday!

You can see the Order of Merit here.

To see the full KLGC 2020 schedule, click here.

Not a KLGC member? Read about why you should join here.

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