KLGC Monthly Medal March 2022

KLGC Monthly Medal March 2022 and Quarter 1 Order of Merit Finale! Kota Permai Golf & Country Club, Kota Kemuning
27 March 2022 – Sunday 1230pm.

Thank you to Kevin Joseph Dorasamy for hosting this game with 32 players! 15 KLGC members and 17 guests came to play at this magnificent golf course again, because they loved it so much from the Jan 2022 Monthly Medal.

Today was the final game of Q1, where the winner of the order of merit would be determined. Leader of the OOM Zack Rosli didn’t make it because he was under the weather, so it was up to position 2-5 to battle it out since there was only 4 prizes up for grabs for the OOM.

Today’s results:

Today’s Monthly Medal champion went to Brian Trenaman who played an amazing net 66 winning the gold medal, a Deemples limited edition cap and a hi-tea for 2 at EQ. It was his personal best of gross 81! Joni Getamala came in second with net 71, and Gary Kan game in 3rd with net 72. Both 2-3rd place also got a limited edition Deemples cap and their respective silver and bronze medals.
Everyone in the top 16 also gets RM40 credits each!!

in the OOM:

Naqib Mahyudin beats a non-playing Zack Rosli by 2 points to take the Q1 win with 149 points! – winning the 1 night stay at EQ Kuala Lumpur worth RM995. Compliments of our member Justin Lee!!

Zack Rosli takes the second place without even lifting a finger (hope you’re getting well), and walks home with an adidas Golf ZG21 Motion shoelace shoe worth rm600.
Roy Tey and Kevin Joseph Dorasamy tied at 131, walking away with adidas Golf prizes.
All top 4 in the OOM also get RM261 in credits!

Ricky fought hard but didn’t manage to climb up to top 4. Good effort still!
Hairul, coming in at 5th today also earned 28 points to close the gap coming in at 6th on the OOM! and Brian with his 40 points today climbed all the way to 7th!

Next week new Competition:
Well done everyone! Next week new OOM starts afresh! If you want to be a KLGC member, this is the best time! Just search “KLGC 2022” on Deemples app and all info are in there.

Next Sunday we’re at Nilai Springs Golf Country Club, followed by Kelab Rekreasi Tentera Udara – KRTU, Monterez Golf & Country Club and KLGCC KuaLa Lumpur Golf & Country Club. All games during Ramadan will start at 2pm, so that our Muslim members can break fast as soon as the game is over!

Thank you to sponsors:
Thanks to our sponsors again adidas Golf, EQ, and The GB for providing some amazing prizes for us! Next quarter there might be even more sponsors!

KLGC Monthly Medal Jan 2022 – Kota Permai

“Fantastic” is what everyone said after playing at Kota Permai. The course was in immaculate conditions, too good, and too hard to play well on! But fairways, greens, were superb.

We had 5 new members join in this week: Cva Retnam, Jenang Ahmad, Az Zak, Eric Khaanthan, and Hadie Zakaria, so welcome to KLGC! 🙂 You now earn order of merit points moving forward for the quarterly prize, and get an exclusive KLGC club shirt!

Some of today’s prizes are also sponsored by adidas Golf, and Charnergy.com.my.

After a good 4.5 hours of battle, the results were in!

Game Results

Coming in first place today, non-member JT TB – with a killer net 67, congratulations! No one else got anything under par. 2nd place was Ricky Ark with net 72, his second win this year, bumping him way up on the order of merit table with 65 points, 13 points ahead from the next player. 3rd place Peter Dabrowski, who finally made his first game at KLGC this year with net 73, and our very consistent Zamry Nordin and Zack Rosli coming in 4th and 5th, with net 75 and net 76 respectively.

Full results in the game results table below and EVERYONE in the top 20 got RM40 Deemples credits! Top 8 places got additional adidas Golf prizes including a travel bag worth RM380, adidas ZG21 caps, and more, and EVERYONE who got scores submitted got a 30 min MVT session at Charnergy by Alexander Lim!

Order of Merit

In the order of merit, Ricky bumps his way up again for his second win of the month, taking a strong lead at 65 points. Trailing him is defending champion Zack Rosli with 52 points, still looking for his first win. New member Roy Tey is coming in close with 46 points, and our host Brian Trenaman jumped 5 spots to take 4th with 38 points. Michael Seo played shitty yesterday and dropped 4 spots to 5th place. But the quarter is still young, so 2 more months of games to go!

Full order of merit update here: https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/order-of-merit/

Rules and Etiquette

Whilst everyone at KLGC is super friendly, and everyone gets to play with different players every week, the KLGC takes rules and etiquette super seriously. A few reminders (amongst many others) for new members joining in and guests playing:

1- Keep pace of play. If you can’t see the group in front, you’re slow. Speed up. Play ready golf. Every few seconds saved adds up.

2- Drop at correct places, and count all your strokes! If you are unsure, or know that your memory is not good, get a flight mate to assist so you don’t over/under-declare your score. Drop your ball at the right places, red stakes means 2 club lengths from point of entry, yellow stakes means you can go back-on-the-line, but not in front of the water.

3- Don’t make noises when your flight mates are hitting the ball, or be in the shadow, or line of sight. The most important thing, that KLGC encourages, SPEAK UP, if you think your flight mate might be making a mistake. Most of the time it’s unknowingly, but understanding our Asian culture we’re used to just letting things go and not being confrontational. Remember, when we let something go, we’re letting it go on behalf of all players playing that day, so if we allow 1 person to drop at a wrong spot, it’ll be to the detriment and won’t be fair to all other players in that game in other flights. Best way to speak up is not to point out, but to ask “hey, i’m not sure but are we supposed to drop behind the buggy track instead?” 🙂

For more commonly misinterpreted golf rules: https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/commonly…/

This week’s game will be at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Golf and Country Club, click here to join on on deemples, and confirm your slots by 12pm Friday!

KLGC Finale 2021 – SAASGCC

So after a year long battle across 60 KLGC members, the KLGC Finale for 2021 was held at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah. We were skeptical because a week ago Ria Typhoon brought the floods to Sec 13 Shah Alam where the golf course was located, but in the end it turned out to be a beautiful day.

KLGC group pic before teeing off.

21 of us competed for both the final game prize and also the Order of Merit since everyone earns 3x points for this game.

KLGC trophy
KLGC trophies 2021

Zack whilst sitting comfortably on top before the game wasn’t safe yet as Kevin, Jaime, and Rid were close behind and with 3x points for the final game, he could have been easily dethroned.

KLGC flight draw
KLGC flight draw

Flight draw was done for the first time based on the Order of Merit standings, so the leaders could battle it out themselves.

KLGC 2021 OOM leaders

Finally after a quick 4 hour game:

The results for the monthly medal:

KLGC finals results
Results of KLGC finale SAASGC

Philip killed it with a net 68 even with a 10 on 1 hole, Rid came in a super close 2nd also with 68 also with 10 on 1 hole. Fuad wrapped up top 3 with a net 71. Congrats to the winners, they got Deemples credits for the win:
Philip – RM300 credits
Rid – RM200 credits
Fuad – RM100 credits
Gary, Jay, David – RM50 credits each.

For the all awaited order of merit, Zack and Kevin held up OK, whilst Rid upped his game and displaced Jaime to take the 3rd place. Jaime played well all year long and was holding on to 2nd and 3rd for the longest time. Zack finished up with 361 points for the win. Kevin came in 2nd with 348 points, and Rid because of his stellar 2nd place today and earned 60 points came in 3rd at 342 points. Jaime only managed 12 points today, and ended with 322 points.

KLGC 2021 winner
KLGC 2021 champion
KLGC 2021 runner up
KLGC 2021 runner up
KLGC 2021 2nd runner up
KLGC 2021 2nd runner up

It was a fun game with a lot more to anticipate for next year 2022.

Next year’s Order of Merit will be refreshed every quarter to allow for a new competition. Every Sunday PM game will also have fixed points not based on number of participants to encourage consistent participation at games.

If you want to learn more about 2022 order of merit, https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/order-of-merit/

If you want to be a 2022 KLGC member, search for “KLGC 2022” on deemples app and make your payment there before 2022 for early bird rates!

Kuala Lumpur golfers Club

KLGC Monthly Medal @ Mines – Nov 2021

Anand Rajoo killed it again in this Monthly Medal!! He almost broke 90 for the first time in his life. Taking the win with a solid net 65. Jaya, who rarely comes to play, must have gotten all his power from the beers on the golf course, came in at second with net 66. Brand new member Bo Amir Iqram who joined in a week ago, shot a perfect par golf 36 on the front nine, then came crashing down on the 2nd 9, but still made it to top 3 with net 69. Anthony Sudarsan, our highest handicapper of the day, celebrated a birdie and came in 4th! Azlan Abd Wahab completed the top 5 with some consistent swings at net 71.

Prizes for KLGC Monthly Medal @ Mines Club

  • 1- rm200 Deemples credits
  • 2- rm150 deemples credits
  • 3- rm100 deemples credits
  • 4-5- rm75 deemples credits
  • 6-15th – adidas Golf, Gutty, IOI Properties prizes!

OOM leaderboard guys (Ricky, Zack, Jaime, Kevin) somehow probably jinx each other and all didn’t perform as well yesterday. They probably still hold top slots. Will update OOM soon! All players get 2x OOM Points for this game.

Next game, for the first time at Bukit Jalil Golf & Country Club. Join on Deemples app.

KLGC Monthly Medal @ Mines 31 Oct 2021

What a day. The Mines Resort & Golf Club always delivers an awesome experience. The KLGC Monthly Medal for October 2021 has been concluded with 32 participants.

Congratulations to Nelson Lee Jieyao for taking the win with a net 67, and a solid gross 81. Coming in 2nd 3 strokes behind is David Wong playing net -1! SunKyun Kim came in super close with a net 71 for 3rd and the 2 order of merit leaders came in 4th and 5th respectively, both net 73 Jaime Ross and Zack Rosli. 2 more months to go before the end of the year.

The biggest gain this week = David gains 5 spots to 14th!
Nelson, champion this round, gains 4 spots to 16th.
Azlan and John both gain 3 spots to 13th, and 10th respectively.
Jaime overtakes Kevin for the first time for 2nd spot.
while Zack sits comfortably on the top at 297 points.

2022 KLGC memberships can be paid for now. Slight change in structure. Order of merit points will reset every quarter, guests will also win monthly medal prizes, and no more 3x order of merit points for end of quarter game.

Early bird fees before 2022 are rm300. Search “klgc 2022” on Deemples app.

Next week we’re at Bukit Unggul Country Club. Deadline for payment Friday 12pm.


This is the first game at SAASGCC ever for KLGC. Hopes of good weather dashed when it started pouring at 11:30am. Tee off time was slightly delayed from 1230pm to about 1pm+. We got about 5 holes of rain, but good weather ensured after that!

Congrats to Rid again for taking the win with a net 69. Anand closely in 2nd also with a net 69. Gary and John finally got a good game in again with net 71 and 72 respectively for 3rd and 4th place. Jaime taking every opportunity to gain more OOM points against Zack. Jaime in 5th with net 73, and Zack closely behind with net 74 in 6th.

In the OOM, top 6 on the leaderboard continued to score points, surging further ahead from everyone, but positions still stay the same. Zack Rosli with 247 still a 20+ point comfortable lead away from 2nd place Kevin Dorasamy and Jaime Ross at 221 each. 13-17th place on OOM leaderboard also scored points to move ahead. Anand Rajoo, Azlan Wahab and Hairul Annuar all gaining positions.

Next week we’re at the Mines for the KLGC monthly medal where points are 2x. It’ll be an important game, and could really change the positions at the top.

Guests welcome to to play for fun.
Join the game here on Deemples

KLGC 17 Oct @ Seriemas

Rid killed the field with a net 71, only person playing under par yesterday, 3 strokes head of OOM leader Zack Rosli who came in at net 74 for 2nd place, and 4th place OOM Ricky coming in at net 75 for 3rd.

Peter Dabrowski also net 75 for 4th place, jumped 3 spots up the OOM table from 12th to 9th. Sunkyun Kim returned to compete again after a long time, with the biggest jump in OOM points from 34th to 30th spot.

Weather was drizzling at first, but ended up being a nice cool day. Conditions were amazing too for a RM150 golf course on the weekend afternoon. Just make sure we put in our starter chits early, since they’re on a first come first serve basis once the starter chits are submitted.

This week we’re playing at SAASGCC for the first time ever. Join the game on deemples. Payment deadline by 12pm Friday. Open to all guests.

KLGC OPEN 2021 @ Kota Seriemas Golf Club

60 players.
60 prizes.
There are no losers.
Thanks to adidas Golf for putting this together for the latest KLGC OPEN. Open to all players, not just KLGC members.

There were 2 categories:
With Deemples hcp
Without Deemples hcp

There were about 30 players in each category. 60 players battled it out in a stroke play (max score 10 per hole) competition. Everyone got to meet new people, and some came in full blown adidas gear:

Weather was amazing, no sun, gloomy and cloudy day out for the most part, before it poured on the last 2 holes. Everyone finished in 4.5 hours, got back for lunch, and submitted scores into Deemples app.

Within 45 min, everyone had submitted scores, and prizes were announced.

Jay Yusri took the win with a net 67 off a 25 handicap, beating Kapten K’RuL also with a net 67 to take the first prize of a brand new adidas Golf caddy bag worth RM1300+. Kapten and 3rd place winner Yusof Mohamad with net 70 walked away with a pair of adidas Golf ZG21 shoes each worth RM800+. 4th place Iq ue and 5th place Amir Luqman, both with net 70, also walked away with an adidas Golf wheel bag!

click to see full image

In the category without hcp, Mohd Nasir Othman took the win with a 79, winning a pair of ZG21 shoes, and second place goes to Dinie Zaki with 81, who walked away with a wheel bag! EVERYONE else got adidas goodies too all the way until the last place! (except those that were not present till the end).

By 2pm, we concluded the event, and everyone went home safely. What a good call to have the competition in the morning. 1230pm onwards it rained cats and dogs until about 9pm at night, which wouldn’t have been a pleasant experience. See more pics here.

The next competition is hosted by our sister group Johor Bahru Golfers Club, for the JBGC OPEN @ Horizon Hills. 17 Nov 2021 Wednesday 8am.

Lots more prizes to win there so be sure to join and secure your slots soon!

KLGC 10 Oct 2021 @ Uniputra

Congratulations to Ricky last Sunday at Uniputra!! 5 strokes ahead of Zack in 2nd who tied 74 net with philip. Hairul, coming in at 4th with net 75, was the ONLY one who moved in the OOM last week from 35th to 33rd place. Peter completed the top 5 with the net 78.

Low number of points this week, but points nonetheless. They all add up.

This week we’re at Seriemas, and we’re just in time for interstate travel now possible again!

Sign up on Deemples and make payment by Friday 12pm to confirm your spot.

KLGC 3 Oct 2021 @ Seri Selangor

After a super long break due to COVID lockdowns and non-vaccination, we finally started weekly competitions again since 90% of the adult population in Klang Valley has been fully vaccinated.

The first game is back at our very regular Seri Selangor. We must say that conditions were kept tremendously well. Fairways were nice, bunkers were filled with sand and soft, trees and rough were all cut, so you could easily spot your ball, greens were super fast, and most of all, the weather was amazing for a Sunday afternoon game.

12 of us came to play including 1 guest. Scores were not the best, but we did have 1 player play 1-under net par. Congratulations to Brian Trenaman for an amazing round of net 71. Following 3 strokes behind Jamal Bakar at net 74 for 2nd place, and David Wong with net 79 for 3rd place. Everyone else didn’t do too well, but who can you blame after 5 months of golflessness?

Congratulations Anthony Sudarsan for finally getting your handicap. Now you can compete fairly! :slightly_smiling_face:

On the OOM table. Zack Rosli and Kevin Dorasamy fighting tooth and nail. Kevin took the leading spot away from Zack for just 1 week, and Zack is now back on top with 218 points. Jaime holding strong in 3rd place. This game’s winner Brian Trenaman moved up one spot to 7th place.

See full OOM table here: https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/order-of-merit/

This coming Sunday PM we’re at Uniputra golf course. We’ve understood that the course is priced super reasonably and the conditions are amazing too.

Join KLGC comp @ Uniputra this Sunday on Deemples. Guests welcomed. Payment deadline Friday 12 pm.