KLGC Monthly Medal @ Glenmarie Golf & Country Club Valley course 25 April 2021

Last time we played at the Valley course of Glenmarie Golf & Country Club was 3 Glenmarie games ago. Last 2 times was at Garden golf course, and the members wanted a bit more of a “challenge” for the KLGC Monthly Medal this time around. Challenging it was!!! There were sooo many bunkers.

KLGC Monthly Medal @ Glenmarie result:

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Anyway, it looks like the bunkers weren’t a challenge for some. Leon D came in first with net 67! Congrats to Leon!! Kevin also had a net 67 and came in second. Yusuf Idris who rarely comes to play came in 3rd with a net 68. Top 3 were all sub-70 net scores!

Peter in 4th with net 71, and Jaime finished in 5th with net 72. Looks like all those under 20 years old are doing super super well!! Maybe we all should have started golf way earlier.

Skies were clear, and super sunny at some point. However, we still saw many of our Muslim friends who were fasting did super well on Sunday too. As Amir Zakaria said “fasting makes you swing slower, which then makes you perform better!”

Side games were on as usual with a small wager for best net on leaderboard hosted by Ramesh, and the Par 3 gross side game hosted by Kevin.

For the par 3 gross side game, Kevin and Nelson tied for 1st place with a gross of 13 on all 4 par 3s, winning RM72 each, whilst Yusuf, Ricky, and Azlan shared 3rd place getting RM12 each with 15 strokes on all 4 par 3.

For the net score side game, Ricky, Parthiban, Jaya, Kevin, Azlan, and Yusuf all doubled their money, taking it away from John, Nelson, David, Chai, Anand, and the host Ramesh πŸ™‚

OOM updated here:

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Zack holds tight to his pole position on the OOM with 207 points. First player to breach the 200 point mark. Kevin and Jaime jumps up to 2nd and 3rd place respectively, with 197 and 188, pushing Ricky down to 4th with 185.

Rid gains one over Gary with 180 vs 166, whilst Brian jumps up 2 spots to 7th with 150, ahead of CM and John Charlton.

The rest of us are below 150 points, which could very easily change over the course of the next few weeks!

This week we’re at KRPM, so get your payments in early! πŸ™‚ Join game here: https://deemples.com/games/26432

18 April 2021 – KLGC Comp @ KGSS

First KLGC game during Ramadan, at KGSS (Seri Selangor). They had an amazing promo of RM98 per person including a RM10 F&B voucher for each person. 20 of us played, even quite a few of our Muslim friends, who powered through the 18 holes.

Weather was stellar and most of us finished in 4 hours, more than enough time to go home, shower, and get ready to buka puasa, especially for our Muslim friends.

We had Justin Lee who finally got his Deemples handicap for today’s game. Radhi Ibrahim also got his handicap AFTER the game today πŸ™‚ New member Dato Kw Leong joined us for the first time.

We had 2 side games happening as always, the par 3 gross competition hosted by Kevin and the net score side game hosted by Ramesh, to make things more exciting.

Kevin played an exception game today coming in 1st place with a net 68, off a hcp of 13. Congratulations to Kevin for the win!!! This win is 5 strokes ahead of Zack Rosli’s net 73 who came in 2nd, and Ricky R who came in 3rd with net 75. Who says performance drops whilst fasting? πŸ™‚

Jaime Ross and Anthony Guo wraps up the top 5 with net 75 and net 77 respectively. The rest of us played like shit. But who cares, after all, it’s still good fun.

KLGC Comp @ KGSS full result:

We had Rid sport the brand new adidas Golf Stan Smith limited edition shoes, so sexy…

OOM here:

OOM Updates

This coming week is the KLGC Monthly Medal for April 2021 at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club Valley course. There are already about 50 of us joined in, so if you’re keen to play, join the game HERE

No one scored net under par!

Sunday’s game must have been a super tough one. It’s super rare to see no one scoring net under par. Usually, in a competition of about 20+, we’d definitely see 1-2 in the 70-71 net score range, but no, not this week around.

Uniputra Golf Club, nestled inside the compounds of University Putra Malaysia in Serdang, has a hidden gem of a golf course. With an unassuming club house, plain and simple, no fanfare, the golfing rates are very affordable for the quality of golf course that it provides.

Post-MCO rates are at about the RM100 mark, with Ramadan rates getting even cheaper. Anyway, 27 players signed up including 4 guests for the game:

Sunday 12:30PM
11 April 2021
Uniputra Golf Club

Best score that came in was a net 73 by Nelson Lee! Congratulation for winning this week’s game! Nelson is one of our lowest handicappers with a course handicap of 11 this week.

Coming in 2nd was Leong Kim Ming, followed by Ricky R in 3rd, and Stefan Ng in 4th – all with a net 74. Finishing up the top 5 is Jaime Ross with a net 75 – consistently making top 5 in almost all games!

OOM update:

Still hanging tight to the top 2 spots – Zack Rosli and Ricky R with 159 and 146 points respectively. Gary Kan moved up to 3rd with 138, pushing Rid Afzal down to 4th. 5-8th place still remains with CM, Kevin, Jaime, and Brian hanging on to their spots, while John moves up to 10th place.

It’s Ramadan month now, so we wish our Muslim members a happy Ramadan. Games will still go on. This week we’re at Seri Selangor at a all low under RM100 ramadan Sunday afternoon rate – join game HERE

If you’re searching for KLGC games, just search “KLGC” on deemples.

Stand a chance to win cool adidas golf prizes! Join the next KLGC OPEN game for the year, join them here —>

KLGC Open @ KGSS, 16 June
KLGC Open @ Seriemas, 20 Oct

KLGC OPEN @ Mines: How golf competitions can be done effortlessly and at scale.

KLGC Open Group Photo

KLGC OPEN is the first of a few open events for the club that is open for everyone to play and win prizes.

KLGC (Kuala Lumpur Golfers Club) normally plays a weekly Sunday afternoon competition amongst KLGC members. Members win prizes during monthly medals, and order of merit points for all games. Guests are welcome all the time but do not win prizes nor points. All games are played around the Greater Kuala Lumpur area.

The KLGC OPEN was designed so that more golfers can experience the spirit of KLGC before signing up as a member. A few things that KLGC is proud of are:
– Playing strictly by the rules of golf.
– An encouraging learning experience.
– Golf etiquette including punctuality.

Since KLGC uses the deemples app exclusively for all registration, payments, handicaps, score submission, and live results, it was easy for KLGC to extend these events to make the KLGC OPEN possible.

The run down leading to the event:

The first KLGC Open was held at The Mines Resort & Golf Club. All 108 players registered and made payment upfront with 5 days to go before the game. No manual bank transfers, no payment on the day, and everyone could see everyone’s payment status on the deemples app, so we knew who was in and who was out.

Golfers submitted their shirt sizes in the “notes to host” as they were joining the game, so it was easy for KLGC to know how many of what sizes to order.

Player groupings were sent to the club 1 day before the competition, so that the golf course had sufficient time to prepare scorecards, buggy arrangements and so on.

Goodies were also shipped to the golf club one day before the game.

Golfers were notified in the game chat on pairings, local rules, and itinerary for the day before the game day, so everyone knew what time to arrive and what to expect.

Game day:

The KLGC team was there early to put all goodies (adidas Golf shirt and caps) into the golfers’ respective buggies before golfers arrived, minimising time spent and resources required to give goodies out to golfers upon their arrival.

Golfers registered at the counter and was provided with their score cards and an information sheet on everything already announced in the game chat.

At 730am – Golfers made their way down to their respective buggies waiting for them, with their goodies nicely laid out.

At 745am, the host did a quick briefing explaining everything already in the game chat and information sheet, took a nice group pic with social distancing, and let everyone proceed to their tee box.

8am – the siren rang and 108 players teed off πŸ™‚

After the competition:

Golfers returned to lunch prepared for them at the club.

Golfers also proceeded to submit scores into the Deemples app for their group. Golfers couldn’t submit their own scores, but required 2 other golfers to submit scores for them.

For more info on how score submission on deemples work:


There were 56 prizes presented this game for 56 out of the 108 players. The competition was divided into 2 categories:
1- those with deemples handicaps (28 places)
2- those without deemples handicaps (28 places)

All prizes were provided by adidas Golf, which included a golf bag, adidas ZG21 BOA shoes, adidas wheel travel bags, and lotsa small prizes, and also complimentary green fee vouchers from Mines Golf Club!

The results are as follows:

KLGC Open @ Mines Full Result

For the category with Deemples handicap:

Anand Rajoo (KLGC member) took it away by a mind-blowing net 61, playing 10 under his handicap of 31, with a gross of 92. Congratulations to Anand for this stellar performance. Needless to say, his handicap index has immediately dropped from 27.4 to 25.3, a whopping 2.1 point drop.

Amir Luqman also played a killer round of net 64 coming in at 2nd, Hanis Hasanuddin at 3rd with net 66, and Alya Rahimee in 4th with net 67, and our second youngest player on the field at 16 years old, Leon D with a net 69 wrapping it up for 5th place.

6th onwards were all net 70 and above.

For the category without Deemples handicap:

Adyman Sulaiman took the win with an amazing gross 76. Congratulations!! Cva Gopal came in second with gross 77, and Syaiful Fara in 3rd also with gross 77. 4th and 5th place were Shahrin Muharam and Azman Mahadi with gross 79 and gross 80 respectively.

After all 56 prizes were given out SOP style, everyone sat back down for a nice group picture and went home happy.


Most golf competitions in Malaysia play the System 36 handicap mainly because not everyone has access to a fair handicapping system. Now with the deemples handicap, everyone can have a fair handicapping system now at no cost. To learn more about the deemples handicap system, here: https://deemples.com/golf-handicap-deemples/

Most golf competitions in Malaysia also allow golfer to choose who they sit with. The KLGC was very firm on randomised pairing. As a competition, the integrity of it is only upheld if your score can be verified by another player. if players who knew each other scored each other, scores becomes questionable and integrity of the competition is compromised. After all, after the game, golfers were happy that they got to make new friends, going home with more friends than they arrived with πŸ™‚

If technology is used to help organise, human resources required to run a competition like this is minimized, and can be done multiple times. Thankfully with the Deemples app, the KLGC can now run even more events for golfers.

Upcoming games:

There are a few more games with adidas prizes, hosted by KLGC and sister club JBGC (Johor Bahru Golfers Club). Schedule as follows:
KLGC OPEN – 16 June 2021 – Wednesday 8am @ Seri Selangor Golf Club
JBGC OPEN – 18 Aug 2021 – Wednesday 8am @ Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club
KLGC OPEN – 20 Oct 2021 – Wednesday 8am @ Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club
Click on the games above or just search “adidas” on deemples to register yourself.

The KLGC also plays weekly on Sunday PM, and you can find all their games on deemples. Just search “KLGC” on deemples.

The JBGC also plays monthly on the weekend in Johor Bahru golf courses. Search “JBGC” on deemples.

To learn more how to be a member of KLGC, https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com

4 April 2021 – Bukit Beruntung Golf Club

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Yet another stellar round for Zack Rosli, taking pole position with the only sub-70 net score of 69. Followed closely by CM Chai at net 70 for second place, and John Charlton at net 71 for 3rd. Seems like the rest struggled a bit with net 75 and up.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-5-721x1024.png
Game result

Conditions must’n have been very welcoming at BBGC, always known as a narrow and challenging golf course.

32 players played this competition including 4 guests.

This is the new order of merit after this game:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png
Latest OOM update

OOM update:
Zack Rosli is now back on top again with a whopping 148 points, Ricky R takes the 2nd place away from Rid with a 1 point gap of 126 vs 125, and coming in very closely in 4th is Gary Kan with 122 points ready to pounce anytime. CM and Kevin both move up 2 spots respectively to 5th and 6th from 7th and 8th, displacing both Jaime Ross and Brian Trenamen from 5th and 6th to 7th and 8th respectively.

We welcome new member Rizal 12 who came to play for the first time with KLGC! πŸ™‚

The first KLGC OPEN is taking place today at The Mines Resort and Golf Club. The Open is open to all and all are eligible for prizes too, unlike the weekly competition for KLGC members where guests are also welcome to join but not win prizes or points.

Adidas Golf is coming in for prizes for this massive event that has 108 participants, and will be teeing off at 745am today. New ZG21 shoes are to be won along with a bunch of other prizes!

This weekend we’re at Uniputra, the last game before Puasa starts during the month of Ramadan. Join it here.

KLGC monthly medal @ Mines March 2021

The first quarter of 2021 saw only 3 games being played before today’s 1st monthly medal. Jan and Feb 2021 KLGC Monthly Medals were skipped due to the movement control order because of higher cases of COVID throughout the country.

Mines golf club was happy to host us for our first monthly medal of the year. This monthly medal was also a special one since it’s also the quarterly medal, so instead of earning 2x OOM points during regular monthly medals, participants were earning 3x OOM points for each position on the leaderboard.

Half of our players got our club shirts, so most of us were very happy to wear them during this monthly medal. This year’s club shirts were from Crest Link, and they’re the special peacock blue mandarin collar shirts that make us look like what Tiger would wear, less the skills.

Jason Kok wearing KLGC member’s shirt

30 members signed up. No guests this time. 1st place was in the running for 90 points, and would immediately propel the the winner to 1st on the OOM by 3x πŸ™‚

Organisation by the Mines Club was superb. Buggies were all lined up for us by 12pm, so we could get ready and get to tee off on time. A lot of us couldn’t resist the amazing views by the Mines lake and caught a few more pictures in.

After a SUPER hot day and 4.5 hours, everyone completed 18 holes. Handicaps were super on point since there were many sharing the same net scores, making it a super close fight.

The one that stood out the most was Brian Trenamen, who came in 1st and won the monthly medal with a whopping net 64!! Beating 2nd place Zack Rosli (defending 2020 OOM champion) by a massive 7 strokes!! Jaime Ross, Rid Afzal, and CM Chai completed the top 5 with net 72, 72, 73 respectively.

The points that they gained are:

Prior to this game, Gary Kan, Rid Afzal, and Zack Rosli was leading in the OOM points with 37, 36, 34 points respectively. This is what it looks like after the KLGC monthly medal:

Zack Rosli is now back at the top again, with 121 points, following closely by Rid at 117, Ricky at 108, and Gary and Jaime both at 103. Can Zack hold on to his rein? or would the rest catch up? We have 3 more quarters to go! Still early days.

This weekend we’re at Bukit Beruntung Golf Club and the week after we’re at Uniputra. Slots are already full for BBGC, but do watch out for slots opening up. There are still more slots for Uniputra, so make sure to sign up early! Click HERE to join now!

The whole competition was following strictly the Malaysian Golf Association SOP for competition:
1- plastic separators in buggies
2- no registration, since everything was done prior and digitally.
3- golfers went straight to buggies.
4- teed off in group of 4, no jumbos
5- no prize presentation. Just announcements of winners and winners came to pick up their own prize from the prize table.
For more info on how you can also run competitions following SOP, check out this video:

21 March 2021 – Bukit Unggul Country Club

No competition for 9 weeks!
After 9 weeks without a competition, the weekly KLGC competitions are back in play this time at Bukit Unggul Country Club. There were a few weeks where golf courses were already opened, but since some of the KLGC members were living in different districts, it was tough to travel to compete, hence only started after the MCO was lifted and we’re now in CMCO status.

Most of the competitions will be in the KL/Selangor area, and not in Negeri Sembilan at the moment, to prevent any one getting stuck at roadblocks.

First game back after MCO
This first game back was at Bukit Unggul Country Club. We rarely play at Bukit Unggul, but now that weekend rates are much lower and there was availability, it was the perfect opportunity.

20 of us came up to play, including 6 members. Congratulations to Jaime Ross for taking the win on this one with a net 69, 2 strokes ahead of runner up Rid Afzal, who beat both Peter Buer and Zack Rosli in 3rd and 4th respectively with net 72.

With this, Gary Kan climbs to the top of the OOM with 37 points, following closely by Rid Afzal at 36, and the defending 2020 OOM champion Zack Rosli at 34.

For the full order of merit – check out: https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/order-of-merit/

A few things to note
KLGC members pride ourselves for having the best etiquette. So a few things to note are being punctual, and helping others submit scores.

If the tee time is 12:30pm, golfers are expected to be at the tee box by 12:20pm. If you’re not there at the tee box when your group tees off, you can always join them later at whichever hole they’re at. Since you didn’t play those holes, and there’s a max cap for each hole, you will just take a 10 for the hole. However, for handicapping purposes, a “most likely” score will be submitted for those holes, for your adjusted gross score.

Even though your group is willing to wait for you, it’s best for the entire group that they tee off on time, so that no single flight comes back too late after everyone else is done, since results have to be tabulated.

Submit scores for your group
We try to uphold the integrity for scoring which affects each placing and the OOM overall. Scoring needs to be done by 2 other players in the group via deemples, for it to maintain its authenticity. If you have to leave immediately after the game, do remember to submit scores for your group when you arrive home, so that they too can get their OOM points.

We ensure this is possible by having a minimum of 2 other KLGC members in the group, so that even if the non-member doesn’t submit scores, the 3 other members will still get it submitted.

and if you haven’t watched this…

so you’re familiar with some of the etiquettes πŸ™‚

KLGC Monthly Medal @ Mines
Next up is the upcoming KLGC Monthly Medal for March 2021, which is also the quarterly medal, that entitles all members for 3x OOM points! We partnered up with the Mines Golf Club to host this event.

Guests are more than welcome to participate as well at a special price as compared to walking in or booking directly with the club.

28 March 2021
Sunday 12:30pm
KLGC Members RM300
non-KLGC Members RM450

Slots are limited for the Monthly Medal at the Mines, so do register soon on deemples!

To understand more about the KLGC membership: https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/membership-info/

KLGC 10 Jan 2021 – Bukit Kemuning

26 players joined the first-ever Bukit Kemuning game for KLGC last Sunday, including 4 guests!πŸ™‚

Conditions were great. Fairway was nicely cut, and bunkers were filled, and most importantly, the weather was great. And with the looming MCO, everyone was coming out to get their “last round” of golf in before any sort of lockdown.

New KLGC member Philip Cty played some AMAZING GOLF with net 8 under, rocking it with a gross of 90! Congratulations Philip!! Azlan Wahab, not waiting any longer before taking some massive points for himself as well with a net 6-under 66, with one of the lowest handicaps of the day of 12.

Zack Rosli, gearing up to accumulate these points in the aims of being back to back OOM winner 2020 and 2021, with a solid net 1-under 70. The 4-6th position was all at net 71 from Anand Rajoo, JT TB, and Ramesh Kumar.

The rest of the results here:

Results of the KLGC game at Bukit Kemuning – 10 Jan 2021 – Deemples Scoring System

Some serious OOM points were scored in this game, check out the leaderboard below.

Since we have a few new members, do remember to check out: https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/commonly-misinterpreted-golf-rules/

KLGC holds highly the integrity of golf competition played on the rules of golf, which there is only 1 version of it. So if you like fun and fair competitions, do join KLGC.πŸ™‚

KLGC First Game of 2021!πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Early bird catches the worm.

14 members braved the long-lasting rain today at the first-ever KLGC game of 2021. Golf course was still full in the morning, but Tasik Puteri’s excellent golf management allowed everyone to tee off sharp at 12:30 pm.

Since every Sunday afternoon weekly competition counts for Order of Merit prizes, these early birds came up to start scoring points!

Congrats to Gary Kan for taking the win with net 72!!πŸ† Gary has been on the steady decline on his handicap, continuously playing well!

Next 3 were lower handicappers Kevin, Azlan, and Ricky coming in for 2-4th place respectively, and new member Yusuf Idris finished in the top 5 for 10 points on the order of merit.

Results of the game:

Results of the KLGC First Game of 2021 – Deemples Scoring System

Order of merit points available for the game are based on the number of member participants for the day. For today’s game, Gary takes 14, Kevin takes 13, Azlan takes 12, Ricky takes 11, and last place Parthiban takes 1.

Order of merit after first game:

Before the start of the year, KLGC has had 40 members paid up dues, along with quite a few new members this year. KLGC prides itself by playing golf with fair rules and a fair handicap system.

If you want to be a member, you can join the “KLGC 2021 Membership Dues” game on Deemples (just to make payment), then you’d start earning order of merit points for every weekly Sunday afternoon competition you play!πŸ˜ƒ

Details on kualalumpurgolfersclub.com.

This coming week we’re at Bukit Kemuning for the first time. Guests are always welcomed!

You can see the Updated Order of Merit here.

Not a KLGC member? Read about why you should join here.

KLGC Finale 2020 @ Glenmarie

For the KLGC Finale 2020 at Glenmarie Golf & Country Club, we had 32 players in total comprising of 16 KLGC members, and 16 guests. For the first time, the guest category had prizes as well, since we had a few sponsors come in for 2020, so there were prizes to give out.

Weather was amazing (no rain!), and the golf course organised some hi-tea snacks after the game. Everyone teed off on time, played some amazing golf, and made a few new friends.

Results of the game:

Results of the KLGC finale at Glenmarie – 27 Dec 2020 – Deemples Scoring System

Congrats to Ramesh Kumar for taking the win with a solid net 68 off a 20 handicap. Gary Kan came in 2nd with a net 70 off a 31 handicap, and Hanis Hasanuddin wrapped up the top 3 with a net 71 off a 26 handicap.

Order of Merit contenders CM Chai and Azlan Wahab consistently finished in the top 5, and new member Jason Kok (who became a member for 2020 JUST for this game!:)) came in 6th with a net 74.

In the guest category, Remy Carlos (a member of the newly formed Johor Bahru Golfers Club member) came in first with a net 69 off a 24 handicap. Az Zak Taylormade came in 2nd with a net 74 with a 4 handicap, who also played the lowest gross of the day with a gross score of 78.

Members got a total of RM1800 worth of Be Golf Pro cash vouchers. Guests got some adidas Golf merchandise!

For the Order of Merit 2020, we tallied it on the spot so we could give out prizes for the winners. Big Max and Srixon golf bags were given away to the top 8 on the OOM, and limited edition KLGC caps will be given away to the top 12 on the OOM.

Before the finale, position of 8-10 on the OOM, was a difference of only 1-2 points, so the pressure was on as this one game decided if they got a golf bag, or not a golf bag.

In the end, most of the positions maintained, and this is the final Order of Merit:

Congrats to Zack Rosli for maintaining the lead and winning the KLGC 2020 Order of Merit with 313 points. Consistent playing on a weekly basis ensured this for him! Distant second Azlan Wahab came in at 280 points, also consistently playing almost every week. Ricky R and CM Chai held on to 3rd and 4th spots respectively, to get the Big Max golf bags.

For the 8th and 9th spots, Hanis managed to play a superb game today getting 14 points against Kevin’s 3 points to secure his 8th position!

The KLGC 2020 has come to a close. Schedule for January 2021 is already underway, and all games are already on Deemples:

The Order of Merit for 2021 is slightly improvised, you can get all the details, here.

And if you want to be a member for 2021, click here.

Early bird ends 31 Dec 2020 @ RM250. Regular pricing resumes 1 Jan 2020 @ RM300 for the year of 2021.