KLGC 17 Oct @ Seriemas

Rid killed the field with a net 71, only person playing under par yesterday, 3 strokes head of OOM leader Zack Rosli who came in at net 74 for 2nd place, and 4th place OOM Ricky coming in at net 75 for 3rd.

Peter Dabrowski also net 75 for 4th place, jumped 3 spots up the OOM table from 12th to 9th. Sunkyun Kim returned to compete again after a long time, with the biggest jump in OOM points from 34th to 30th spot.

Weather was drizzling at first, but ended up being a nice cool day. Conditions were amazing too for a RM150 golf course on the weekend afternoon. Just make sure we put in our starter chits early, since they’re on a first come first serve basis once the starter chits are submitted.

This week we’re playing at SAASGCC for the first time ever. Join the game on deemples. Payment deadline by 12pm Friday. Open to all guests.

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