21 March 2021 – Bukit Unggul Country Club

No competition for 9 weeks!
After 9 weeks without a competition, the weekly KLGC competitions are back in play this time at Bukit Unggul Country Club. There were a few weeks where golf courses were already opened, but since some of the KLGC members were living in different districts, it was tough to travel to compete, hence only started after the MCO was lifted and we’re now in CMCO status.

Most of the competitions will be in the KL/Selangor area, and not in Negeri Sembilan at the moment, to prevent any one getting stuck at roadblocks.

First game back after MCO
This first game back was at Bukit Unggul Country Club. We rarely play at Bukit Unggul, but now that weekend rates are much lower and there was availability, it was the perfect opportunity.

20 of us came up to play, including 6 members. Congratulations to Jaime Ross for taking the win on this one with a net 69, 2 strokes ahead of runner up Rid Afzal, who beat both Peter Buer and Zack Rosli in 3rd and 4th respectively with net 72.

With this, Gary Kan climbs to the top of the OOM with 37 points, following closely by Rid Afzal at 36, and the defending 2020 OOM champion Zack Rosli at 34.

For the full order of merit – check out: https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/order-of-merit/

A few things to note
KLGC members pride ourselves for having the best etiquette. So a few things to note are being punctual, and helping others submit scores.

If the tee time is 12:30pm, golfers are expected to be at the tee box by 12:20pm. If you’re not there at the tee box when your group tees off, you can always join them later at whichever hole they’re at. Since you didn’t play those holes, and there’s a max cap for each hole, you will just take a 10 for the hole. However, for handicapping purposes, a “most likely” score will be submitted for those holes, for your adjusted gross score.

Even though your group is willing to wait for you, it’s best for the entire group that they tee off on time, so that no single flight comes back too late after everyone else is done, since results have to be tabulated.

Submit scores for your group
We try to uphold the integrity for scoring which affects each placing and the OOM overall. Scoring needs to be done by 2 other players in the group via deemples, for it to maintain its authenticity. If you have to leave immediately after the game, do remember to submit scores for your group when you arrive home, so that they too can get their OOM points.

We ensure this is possible by having a minimum of 2 other KLGC members in the group, so that even if the non-member doesn’t submit scores, the 3 other members will still get it submitted.

and if you haven’t watched this…

so you’re familiar with some of the etiquettes 🙂

KLGC Monthly Medal @ Mines
Next up is the upcoming KLGC Monthly Medal for March 2021, which is also the quarterly medal, that entitles all members for 3x OOM points! We partnered up with the Mines Golf Club to host this event.

Guests are more than welcome to participate as well at a special price as compared to walking in or booking directly with the club.

28 March 2021
Sunday 12:30pm
KLGC Members RM300
non-KLGC Members RM450

Slots are limited for the Monthly Medal at the Mines, so do register soon on deemples!

To understand more about the KLGC membership: https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/membership-info/

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