KLGC August 2020 Monthly Medal

Our first time back to Danau Golf Club after MCO. 21 of us joined, 16 were members.

Heavy showers came for about half a hole, then great weather the rest of the game. The greens were insanely tough, and pin placement on hole 8 was on a slope, ensuring quite a few of us getting at least 3-4 putts on that hole. Not to mention the usual crazy sloping green on hole 6.

Net scores were all at 77 onwards for today’s tough game. Except for winner Ricky who had a 5 stroke lead at net 72, playing a superb gross 87, against second-place Nelson who also grossed 87 but with a 10 handicap putting him at net 77.

CM Chai tied at 77 net for 3rd place, and David Wong and Azlan Wahab net 78 for 4th and 5th respectively.

This monthly medal we had prizes for ALL MEMBERS who participated! The new Gutty balls were purchased and the winner Ricky took home 2 boxes, Nelson in second took 1 box, the 3rd-5th place took 2 sleeves, and everyone else walked away with 1 sleeve.

The course was insanely tough, but we’ll be back for more.

The rest of the results here:

Results of the KLGC Monthly Medal at Danau Golf Club – 30 Aug 2020 – Deemples Scoring System

Quick reminder for some small rule/etiquette checks:

  • Help your playing partner keep count of scores in case they lose count, especially for holes that they fumble, get penalties on.
  • Remember to be quiet, not in their line of sight, when your playing partners are taking their shot.
  • Play ready golf. Keep pace with the flight in front. If you cannot see the flight in front, you are slow.

Next week we’re at Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort. Do join & get payments in by Friday noon!

You can see the Updated Order of Merit here.

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