KLGC comp @ KRPM – 2 May 2021

The rare chance we get to play at KRPM. Greens and general golf course conditions were fantastic. The weather was amazing too, until it threatened to rain a few times, and we were so worried we couldn’t complete the game. But the rain didn’t happen, and we managed to finish!

We had 4 guests today, which 1 of them converted to a KLGC member during the game at KRPM. Welcome, Ichiro for joining!

We played from the whites this time, since blues were pushed back immensely. Even with that, only 5 players made it to net 70+, the rest were all in the 80+.

Congratulations to Kevin Dorasamy AGAIN for taking the win a few weeks in a row!! He comes in with net 72, 2 strokes ahead Nelson in 2nd place with net 74, and another 2 strokes ahead of David in 3rd with net 76. Parthiban and Jaime completes the top 5 with net 77 and net 78 respectively.

Today at KRPM was a regular weekly competition with no prizes, however John Charlton was kind enough to sponsor a bunch fo Otter Socks that are completely waterproof so you can golf in the rain and not have to worry about soaking feet! There were so many prizes that he brought that after giving prizes to all members, there was enough to go around to the guests too! 🙂

KLGC OOM Update:

This is so exciting. With this win, Kevin takes pole position for the first time away from Zack Rosli by 1 point with 212 vs 211. Jaime is also now ahead of Ricky in 3rd vs 4th with 199 vs 190. This looks like a battle of 4 players, and the rest are left in the dust.

Rid and Gary maintains 5-6th, Philip jumps to spots to 7th, pushing both Brian and CM down 1 spot each.

Exciting times. With the current MCO, probably another 6 months to go. So much more golf to play, much more to look forward to.

MCO Update:

6 districts in Selangor, and 2 federal territories KL and Putrajaya are back in MCO again. This doesn’t mean golf courses are closed, only means that you can’t travel inter-district, and can’t dine in.

Games will still go on during MCO, but OOM points won’t be awarded since not everyone can arrive at the venue from where they’re at.

This week we’re at SAASGCC, join here https://deemples.com/games/26434

Next week we’re at Impian, join here https://deemples.com/games/26915
Limited slots at Impian, so be quick!

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