KLGC Feb 2020 Monthly Medal

klgc feb monthly medal

44 people signed up for the largest ever KLGC Monthly Medal yesterday Sunday 23 Feb 2020 at Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort. We had 30 members playing, and 14 guests. Deemples made it easier for registration, payments, handicapping, score submissions and results!

adidas Golf sponsored some amazing golf bags, duffel bags, shoe bags, and ball pouches. The biggest prize was an adidas Golf bag worth RM1700, which was the first prize of the game. NanoSTIX also sponsored RM5000 worth of cash vouchers that you can buy anything from begolfpro.com. So in total, we had 29 prizes for 30 members!

The unlucky one member this one time around was Zamry Nordin, who came in at 30th, and didn’t walk away with a prize. Everyone else got at least an RM100 voucher from begolfpro sponsored by Nanostix, and it went up to RM200 voucher, RM500 voucher and even an RM1000 voucher for the 2nd place!

This is our first round at Amverton, and we must say that it was a beautiful course with sufficient buggies! Weather was amazing, the front desk staff were prompt, and we all got to tee off on time. By 5.30pm everyone was done, and by 6.30pm all prizes were given out!

Michael Luah who just became a KLGC the night before the game, came in to win the game with a solid net 68! He wins the RM1700 adidas Golf bag. This followed by Chris Melville, his first-ever KLGC game, and got second place with net 69. Colin Taylor, Kapitan Pat, and Jamaluddin Tambychik came in 3rd, 4th, 5th respectively, all with a net score of 71.

Full results attached here too. Next week we’re playing Glenmarie Golf & Country Club for the first time. NanoSTIX is coming in for prizes again. So sign up for the game now. All games, payments, handicaps, score submission and results on Deemples.

See you all this Sunday!

You can see the Order of Merit here.

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