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So after a year long battle across 60 KLGC members, the KLGC Finale for 2021 was held at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah. We were skeptical because a week ago Ria Typhoon brought the floods to Sec 13 Shah Alam where the golf course was located, but in the end it turned out to be a beautiful day.

KLGC group pic before teeing off.

21 of us competed for both the final game prize and also the Order of Merit since everyone earns 3x points for this game.

KLGC trophy
KLGC trophies 2021

Zack whilst sitting comfortably on top before the game wasn’t safe yet as Kevin, Jaime, and Rid were close behind and with 3x points for the final game, he could have been easily dethroned.

KLGC flight draw
KLGC flight draw

Flight draw was done for the first time based on the Order of Merit standings, so the leaders could battle it out themselves.

KLGC 2021 OOM leaders

Finally after a quick 4 hour game:

The results for the monthly medal:

KLGC finals results
Results of KLGC finale SAASGC

Philip killed it with a net 68 even with a 10 on 1 hole, Rid came in a super close 2nd also with 68 also with 10 on 1 hole. Fuad wrapped up top 3 with a net 71. Congrats to the winners, they got Deemples credits for the win:
Philip – RM300 credits
Rid – RM200 credits
Fuad – RM100 credits
Gary, Jay, David – RM50 credits each.

For the all awaited order of merit, Zack and Kevin held up OK, whilst Rid upped his game and displaced Jaime to take the 3rd place. Jaime played well all year long and was holding on to 2nd and 3rd for the longest time. Zack finished up with 361 points for the win. Kevin came in 2nd with 348 points, and Rid because of his stellar 2nd place today and earned 60 points came in 3rd at 342 points. Jaime only managed 12 points today, and ended with 322 points.

KLGC 2021 winner
KLGC 2021 champion
KLGC 2021 runner up
KLGC 2021 runner up
KLGC 2021 2nd runner up
KLGC 2021 2nd runner up

It was a fun game with a lot more to anticipate for next year 2022.

Next year’s Order of Merit will be refreshed every quarter to allow for a new competition. Every Sunday PM game will also have fixed points not based on number of participants to encourage consistent participation at games.

If you want to learn more about 2022 order of merit, https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/order-of-merit/

If you want to be a 2022 KLGC member, search for “KLGC 2022” on deemples app and make your payment there before 2022 for early bird rates!

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