KLGC Monthly Medal Jan 2022 – Kota Permai

“Fantastic” is what everyone said after playing at Kota Permai. The course was in immaculate conditions, too good, and too hard to play well on! But fairways, greens, were superb.

We had 5 new members join in this week: Cva Retnam, Jenang Ahmad, Az Zak, Eric Khaanthan, and Hadie Zakaria, so welcome to KLGC! 🙂 You now earn order of merit points moving forward for the quarterly prize, and get an exclusive KLGC club shirt!

Some of today’s prizes are also sponsored by adidas Golf, and Charnergy.com.my.

After a good 4.5 hours of battle, the results were in!

Game Results

Coming in first place today, non-member JT TB – with a killer net 67, congratulations! No one else got anything under par. 2nd place was Ricky Ark with net 72, his second win this year, bumping him way up on the order of merit table with 65 points, 13 points ahead from the next player. 3rd place Peter Dabrowski, who finally made his first game at KLGC this year with net 73, and our very consistent Zamry Nordin and Zack Rosli coming in 4th and 5th, with net 75 and net 76 respectively.

Full results in the game results table below and EVERYONE in the top 20 got RM40 Deemples credits! Top 8 places got additional adidas Golf prizes including a travel bag worth RM380, adidas ZG21 caps, and more, and EVERYONE who got scores submitted got a 30 min MVT session at Charnergy by Alexander Lim!

Order of Merit

In the order of merit, Ricky bumps his way up again for his second win of the month, taking a strong lead at 65 points. Trailing him is defending champion Zack Rosli with 52 points, still looking for his first win. New member Roy Tey is coming in close with 46 points, and our host Brian Trenaman jumped 5 spots to take 4th with 38 points. Michael Seo played shitty yesterday and dropped 4 spots to 5th place. But the quarter is still young, so 2 more months of games to go!

Full order of merit update here: https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/order-of-merit/

Rules and Etiquette

Whilst everyone at KLGC is super friendly, and everyone gets to play with different players every week, the KLGC takes rules and etiquette super seriously. A few reminders (amongst many others) for new members joining in and guests playing:

1- Keep pace of play. If you can’t see the group in front, you’re slow. Speed up. Play ready golf. Every few seconds saved adds up.

2- Drop at correct places, and count all your strokes! If you are unsure, or know that your memory is not good, get a flight mate to assist so you don’t over/under-declare your score. Drop your ball at the right places, red stakes means 2 club lengths from point of entry, yellow stakes means you can go back-on-the-line, but not in front of the water.

3- Don’t make noises when your flight mates are hitting the ball, or be in the shadow, or line of sight. The most important thing, that KLGC encourages, SPEAK UP, if you think your flight mate might be making a mistake. Most of the time it’s unknowingly, but understanding our Asian culture we’re used to just letting things go and not being confrontational. Remember, when we let something go, we’re letting it go on behalf of all players playing that day, so if we allow 1 person to drop at a wrong spot, it’ll be to the detriment and won’t be fair to all other players in that game in other flights. Best way to speak up is not to point out, but to ask “hey, i’m not sure but are we supposed to drop behind the buggy track instead?” 🙂

For more commonly misinterpreted golf rules: https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com/commonly…/

This week’s game will be at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Golf and Country Club, click here to join on on deemples, and confirm your slots by 12pm Friday!

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