KLGC monthly medal @ Mines March 2021

The first quarter of 2021 saw only 3 games being played before today’s 1st monthly medal. Jan and Feb 2021 KLGC Monthly Medals were skipped due to the movement control order because of higher cases of COVID throughout the country.

Mines golf club was happy to host us for our first monthly medal of the year. This monthly medal was also a special one since it’s also the quarterly medal, so instead of earning 2x OOM points during regular monthly medals, participants were earning 3x OOM points for each position on the leaderboard.

Half of our players got our club shirts, so most of us were very happy to wear them during this monthly medal. This year’s club shirts were from Crest Link, and they’re the special peacock blue mandarin collar shirts that make us look like what Tiger would wear, less the skills.

Jason Kok wearing KLGC member’s shirt

30 members signed up. No guests this time. 1st place was in the running for 90 points, and would immediately propel the the winner to 1st on the OOM by 3x 🙂

Organisation by the Mines Club was superb. Buggies were all lined up for us by 12pm, so we could get ready and get to tee off on time. A lot of us couldn’t resist the amazing views by the Mines lake and caught a few more pictures in.

After a SUPER hot day and 4.5 hours, everyone completed 18 holes. Handicaps were super on point since there were many sharing the same net scores, making it a super close fight.

The one that stood out the most was Brian Trenamen, who came in 1st and won the monthly medal with a whopping net 64!! Beating 2nd place Zack Rosli (defending 2020 OOM champion) by a massive 7 strokes!! Jaime Ross, Rid Afzal, and CM Chai completed the top 5 with net 72, 72, 73 respectively.

The points that they gained are:

Prior to this game, Gary Kan, Rid Afzal, and Zack Rosli was leading in the OOM points with 37, 36, 34 points respectively. This is what it looks like after the KLGC monthly medal:

Zack Rosli is now back at the top again, with 121 points, following closely by Rid at 117, Ricky at 108, and Gary and Jaime both at 103. Can Zack hold on to his rein? or would the rest catch up? We have 3 more quarters to go! Still early days.

This weekend we’re at Bukit Beruntung Golf Club and the week after we’re at Uniputra. Slots are already full for BBGC, but do watch out for slots opening up. There are still more slots for Uniputra, so make sure to sign up early! Click HERE to join now!

The whole competition was following strictly the Malaysian Golf Association SOP for competition:
1- plastic separators in buggies
2- no registration, since everything was done prior and digitally.
3- golfers went straight to buggies.
4- teed off in group of 4, no jumbos
5- no prize presentation. Just announcements of winners and winners came to pick up their own prize from the prize table.
For more info on how you can also run competitions following SOP, check out this video:

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