KLGC OPEN @ Mines: How golf competitions can be done effortlessly and at scale.

KLGC Open Group Photo

KLGC OPEN is the first of a few open events for the club that is open for everyone to play and win prizes.

KLGC (Kuala Lumpur Golfers Club) normally plays a weekly Sunday afternoon competition amongst KLGC members. Members win prizes during monthly medals, and order of merit points for all games. Guests are welcome all the time but do not win prizes nor points. All games are played around the Greater Kuala Lumpur area.

The KLGC OPEN was designed so that more golfers can experience the spirit of KLGC before signing up as a member. A few things that KLGC is proud of are:
– Playing strictly by the rules of golf.
– An encouraging learning experience.
– Golf etiquette including punctuality.

Since KLGC uses the deemples app exclusively for all registration, payments, handicaps, score submission, and live results, it was easy for KLGC to extend these events to make the KLGC OPEN possible.

The run down leading to the event:

The first KLGC Open was held at The Mines Resort & Golf Club. All 108 players registered and made payment upfront with 5 days to go before the game. No manual bank transfers, no payment on the day, and everyone could see everyone’s payment status on the deemples app, so we knew who was in and who was out.

Golfers submitted their shirt sizes in the “notes to host” as they were joining the game, so it was easy for KLGC to know how many of what sizes to order.

Player groupings were sent to the club 1 day before the competition, so that the golf course had sufficient time to prepare scorecards, buggy arrangements and so on.

Goodies were also shipped to the golf club one day before the game.

Golfers were notified in the game chat on pairings, local rules, and itinerary for the day before the game day, so everyone knew what time to arrive and what to expect.

Game day:

The KLGC team was there early to put all goodies (adidas Golf shirt and caps) into the golfers’ respective buggies before golfers arrived, minimising time spent and resources required to give goodies out to golfers upon their arrival.

Golfers registered at the counter and was provided with their score cards and an information sheet on everything already announced in the game chat.

At 730am – Golfers made their way down to their respective buggies waiting for them, with their goodies nicely laid out.

At 745am, the host did a quick briefing explaining everything already in the game chat and information sheet, took a nice group pic with social distancing, and let everyone proceed to their tee box.

8am – the siren rang and 108 players teed off 🙂

After the competition:

Golfers returned to lunch prepared for them at the club.

Golfers also proceeded to submit scores into the Deemples app for their group. Golfers couldn’t submit their own scores, but required 2 other golfers to submit scores for them.

For more info on how score submission on deemples work:


There were 56 prizes presented this game for 56 out of the 108 players. The competition was divided into 2 categories:
1- those with deemples handicaps (28 places)
2- those without deemples handicaps (28 places)

All prizes were provided by adidas Golf, which included a golf bag, adidas ZG21 BOA shoes, adidas wheel travel bags, and lotsa small prizes, and also complimentary green fee vouchers from Mines Golf Club!

The results are as follows:

KLGC Open @ Mines Full Result

For the category with Deemples handicap:

Anand Rajoo (KLGC member) took it away by a mind-blowing net 61, playing 10 under his handicap of 31, with a gross of 92. Congratulations to Anand for this stellar performance. Needless to say, his handicap index has immediately dropped from 27.4 to 25.3, a whopping 2.1 point drop.

Amir Luqman also played a killer round of net 64 coming in at 2nd, Hanis Hasanuddin at 3rd with net 66, and Alya Rahimee in 4th with net 67, and our second youngest player on the field at 16 years old, Leon D with a net 69 wrapping it up for 5th place.

6th onwards were all net 70 and above.

For the category without Deemples handicap:

Adyman Sulaiman took the win with an amazing gross 76. Congratulations!! Cva Gopal came in second with gross 77, and Syaiful Fara in 3rd also with gross 77. 4th and 5th place were Shahrin Muharam and Azman Mahadi with gross 79 and gross 80 respectively.

After all 56 prizes were given out SOP style, everyone sat back down for a nice group picture and went home happy.


Most golf competitions in Malaysia play the System 36 handicap mainly because not everyone has access to a fair handicapping system. Now with the deemples handicap, everyone can have a fair handicapping system now at no cost. To learn more about the deemples handicap system, here: https://deemples.com/golf-handicap-deemples/

Most golf competitions in Malaysia also allow golfer to choose who they sit with. The KLGC was very firm on randomised pairing. As a competition, the integrity of it is only upheld if your score can be verified by another player. if players who knew each other scored each other, scores becomes questionable and integrity of the competition is compromised. After all, after the game, golfers were happy that they got to make new friends, going home with more friends than they arrived with 🙂

If technology is used to help organise, human resources required to run a competition like this is minimized, and can be done multiple times. Thankfully with the Deemples app, the KLGC can now run even more events for golfers.

Upcoming games:

There are a few more games with adidas prizes, hosted by KLGC and sister club JBGC (Johor Bahru Golfers Club). Schedule as follows:
KLGC OPEN – 16 June 2021 – Wednesday 8am @ Seri Selangor Golf Club
JBGC OPEN – 18 Aug 2021 – Wednesday 8am @ Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club
KLGC OPEN – 20 Oct 2021 – Wednesday 8am @ Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club
Click on the games above or just search “adidas” on deemples to register yourself.

The KLGC also plays weekly on Sunday PM, and you can find all their games on deemples. Just search “KLGC” on deemples.

The JBGC also plays monthly on the weekend in Johor Bahru golf courses. Search “JBGC” on deemples.

To learn more how to be a member of KLGC, https://kualalumpurgolfersclub.com

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