Order of Merit

Points are awarded for all members for all games played. The higher you finish in each game, the more points are awarded. 

Towards the end of the year, based on the allocation of the membership dues and depending on the number of members, the committee will decide on how many places and the prizes that will be up for grabs for the Order of Merit winners.

For example:
200 members x RM300 membership dues x 25% allocation = estimated RM15k, which could be used to bring the Top 4 players for an all-expense-paid golfing trip to Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam, etc.

So let’s get more members to sign up, to make these types of prizes possible!

Other examples on how Order of Merit works:

If there are 12 members in the game, 1st place takes 12 points, 2nd place 11 points, 3rd place 10 points, and so on. The last place takes 1 point. 

If there are 100 members in the game, 1st place takes 100 points, 2nd place 99 points, 3rd 98 points, and so on until the last place. 

If there are 3 members in the game, 1st place takes 3 points, 2nd 2 points, and 3rd 1 point. 

Guests are more than welcome to play. However, guests won’t qualify for points or prizes (monthly medal). To qualify as a member status for that game, dues have to be paid before the game commences.