KLGC Weekly Competitions:

  • Weekly competitions are on Sunday afternoon at various golf courses across the greater Kuala Lumpur area.
  • Occasionally there might games outside of the greater KL area, but will be communicated upfront.
  • Order of Merit points will be awarded based on a point schedule based on specific events. See point schedule here.


  • 4 times a year in 2022: mid-March, mid-June, mid-September, and mid-December.
  • Scheduled on Wednesdays at 8am.
  • Order of Merit points awarded here too based on this point schedule.


  • Both KLGC weekly competitions and KLGC OPEN are eligible for Order of Merit points.
  • Guests are welcome for all games.
  • Flight arrangement is strictly by the host (to provide the opportunity for everyone to play with everyone!)
  • Guests will be eligible to win prizes for the monthly medal.

Formats and handicaps:

  • Format is stroke play, with a local rule of a maximum score of 10 per hole.
  • Only Deemples handicap is used, which follows the USGA handicap system.
  • The rules of golf apply.
  • Frequently misinterpreted golf rules here.

Occasional casual games (not on Sundays):

  • There might be occasional games hosted by KLGC on other days, but will not be a competition, and no prizes or order of merit points will be awarded.
  • Only the a) weekly competition on Sunday afternoon and b) KLGC OPENs will be competitions, so prizes and order of merit points will be awarded.

To participate in all KLGC games, search “KLGC” on Deemples.